Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Night time is the wrong time

Now as you ol knowing gossip aiya poor pillow sitting in tree wheel all day with the plys putting plying lesson around my head. Driuing here there euriwhere, isweating in hot sun. Ol this i do to get enup monies so that wipe can eat the pood i take home and tell me that i am good por nothing nut job. Some mens complaining that euriday their wipe giuing them earpul when they coming home in the ewening time. They are dam lucky. My wipe euriday giuing 10 elepant size earpuls only. "Why are you coming late? How come you only brought home 500 rupees today? You think this is some dam joke? What am I supposed to do with 500 rupees, with eurithings so expensiwe? What are we going to eat? Hau you seen the price op piss these days? Op course you don't, whenewer I am asking you to take me to the market you are too busy watching cirickate match or scratching your buttocks and waiting in sarong in chair like King Dutugemunu. I'm sure you don't ewen know how much kilo op rice is. Price op arrack op course I'm sure you know to the cent, dam drunkard. Now giu the money and go prom here!" And on and on like that euriday. Dam devils womans should die of loose motion.

Anyways, euriday ewening time, Gossip Aiya wery tired apter putting hire ol day and abuse prom that woman, so happily going under moskito net and putting sleep. But last night, in spite op net, moskitos coming and putting party on my mambalams. Cant hit the buggers olso to get rid op them becos mambalams will get isquashed. So i lat them put party, but then I thout maybe they are dengu moskitos (since I hau hidden buckets op stagnant water in wipes room and cut holes in her moskito net hoping that she gets dengu and kicks the bucket. Not the bucket I put water in but some other bucket I think.) Anyway I got the iscared at thout op getting dengu fewer in the mambalams so thout I would go outside. And then I got idea sinse wipe was nagging about money money money maybe I can go and put hire.

At this time many porin and local rich peoples going to nighty clubs op calumbu like san si bar and white horse. These days olso there is one place inside a museum. This nighty club actiwities seem to be pamouse apter ischool actiwities. Gossip Aiya seeing all ismall boise and girls going and coming in those places. Some boy ewen come and ask me por illegal green colour substances. This boy trying to look like big shot with hair gelled up like he put finger in electric socket, and talking on expensiwe mobile pone, but he is ismall batta. I'm sure his mambalams are still safely nesting in istomak region. Anyway I tell him that I do not hau such substances, and that he should go home and read bedtime istory and go to sleep. I must say istaying outside those places, Gossip Aiya sees lots op things that ol the top class culumbo peoples are doing under what is colled the curtain op darkness.

One gental man i sow going in with two ladies wearing very ishort skirt. So ishort iskirt Gossip Aiya could see what under jungi she was wearing olso. Even though she is wearing nice cloths and espansiu perfume, rats seem to hau eaten her underjungi prom the sides. Only midal was there both the buttocks outside. Nice white buttocks also. Chickey! Gossip Aiya remember the back in the days when he was in village and paddy parmer used to wear similar under jungi coll amudey and dig holes in the ground. Those pellows olso thought it was very pashionable to dig holes with buttocks out in the open por whole world to see. Uncultured buggers. So anyways this mans going in with two ladies and coming out also with two ladies. Then he comes and gets into my tree wheel and ask me to take him to Duplicashun roads where he wanted to use the services of some soththa bugger istanding on sidewalk, dressed in luminous shorts and a brazier. The bugger wearing the lip istick olso and poking out his buttocks like hashan thilikeratna putting a bat. Although Duplicashun road one way, this bugger depinitely going both ways. Gossip aiya belief that such bugger should be hung upside down in the pettah bus stand and euribodies should collect the snotty prom the nose and paste on them. Walking around waving the buttocks like it is sum pendulum. And these mahattayas olso hau no shame going after these lady boise or whatever it is they are colled.

Olso what is happening inside these nighty clubs Gossip Aiya is not knowing. Mahattaya go nona go then mahattaya carry nona out and do unmenshunable things to her in car park and leave nona and go pick up shanty boy whose wagging bum and walking on dulpikashun road. While ol this happening, loud sounds coming prom inside like buggers making buriyani in the raheemas kitchen. Gossip aiya does not know how peoples are paying moneys to go and listen to that. Much better put casat tape of sunil perera telling i don’t know why.

But I hear this club lokkas making big money. Maybe I can also put nighty party club. I will coll it "Gossip Aiyas Nighty Party Club". Only selling arrack and playing song by sunil perera and sunplowers. Any 688 or other taxi bugger that comes near by will be shotted and then hunged. Only can come in tree wheel. Soththa buggers who get drunk at my club and go and pick up lady boise shall not be taken in. And pans are wery welcome, come come there is ispeshal 5 % pan discount on kadala and masala vadey at the bar.

Dishum dishum

Gossip Aiya

Monday, 12 October 2009

Back door exit

Now last the week in great nashun op Rajapakistan we hau the elecshun. Some ismall elecshun in down south areas, not big big one like one between King and Nodaking. This to elect what they call "Prowinshal Counsillers". These are not VIPs (Very Important Panditheyas) but SHIPs (Shape-ekke Important Panditheyas). These pellos in charge op not big things like army and porin appairs, but things like how many public lat rooms in local train istashun and things like that.

Anyway, this elecshun was was big wictory por betel leap party (King's party). So big that all newsreader peoples calling "land islide wictory" (Gossip Aiya not underistanding this, maybe some buggers putting wictory party on hill and one paaaaaat bugger jump up and down on hill and the land istart to islide.) This is the bad news por elepant party peoples. But main reason noone putting the wotes por this party is because soththa leader Nodaking is not hooking off like euribody wanting him to. He istaying around like bad ismell, like when Isuru Malli hauing pried kadala prom galle pace karaththe and coming into my house and letting rip like atom bomb. As I hau said in earlier blog, dippicult por elepant party to win elecshun while this jockstrap is there. Easier por Zimbabwe under 15 side to beat Australia nashunal team in cirickate match. Easier ewen for my hippoppatamus op a wipe to win Miss Uniwerse. So por those who support the elepant party, only way to win is to send this bugger packing, by the hook or by the crook ewen. So Gossip Aiya hauing an idea how to achiewe this.

Now Gossip Aiya hearing the gossip that this Nodaking is partial to the male porm. Now this seems wery possible espeshally giwen this pello's history (ip you do not know this read my blog call "misportune pawours the brawe"). Anyway so ip this is true, this is what you hau to do. You must send a nice big istrong good looking pellow to put line to him. Someone like the bugger prom the Black Knight ads, he would look the part, and he also looking no so kelingma istraight himselp. Anyway so get the Black Knight to put a seduce to Nodaking, until one day they hau rented room in Hotel Janaki or somewhere like that to put the dirty acshun. Now Nodhaking who is used to receiwing many awards , donashuns and so on will no doubt also want to be on the receiwing end in this situashun. So what Black Knight must do is to pretend to get ready to clean Nodhaking's exhaust pipe, but at moment op entry, instead op putting you know what, when Nodhaking is not looking, insert sky rockat, quickly light the puse, and hook it out op the hotel room and run away like joka is on pire. (One can purchase prom any street vendor in Pettah. Gossip Aiya reccommand the Alidong Rathinna brand as they our the wery reliable and garanteed to light. Make sure you purchase good size skyrockat and not podi cracker as that will not hau desired eppect.) Now Nodhaking will be so distracted by ol these nice peelings in exhaust pipe that he will not realise that it is not the Black Knight that hau entered, but indeed something that is used to light up the black night, until it is too late. Then when rockat is ignited it will shoot up exhaust pipe, resulting in a wery painful yet somehow pleasurable end por Nodhaking.

Now many peoples reading this blog might get upset that Gossip Aiya is talking about such desparate things as bumping someone opp. It is true I am usually wery harmless bugger and would not think op doing such things usually. However this is unportunately the only way to rid the elepant party op this bugger, since ol other means hau been tried and pailed. Only thing lept to do is to istab in the back - or in this case in the backside.

Dishum dishum
Gossip Aiya