Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Coll me Gossip aiyah

today in glorious nashun of sri lanka cricket is istart. this is very excite for gossip aiya whose other porms of entertain are being taken away by king. king has put kong on gossip aiyas pavourite aktivities of drinking by giving for lies reason like "ah today no drink it is week of poya, today can not drink because it is week bepore week op poya" not only king is putting downer on the ispirits but putting downer in other arials (like kollikuttu) also by putting underwears like barriers (below the buriyas) on all the interweb sites with all the nice kumaris. euritime i is going it is say 'content is being blocked' content blocked only, somenights GA wake up with content euriwheres on sarong. chi! therepore GA hau new pass time of listening to ingiligh radio istashun in the pree time ( which is very much high these days apter those soththa nano cab buggers hau come with their meters, if i catch those useless buggers i will put their meter up their exhaust pipe until the charges reaches many thousands) anyways so listening to engilish songs. ammatasiri! not like song by sunil santha englihs song much more betters than kumari ful website! one man telling the chennai super king whistle podu song to a girl saying "aney nangi blow my whitle please" but we are all know by whistle he is really mean his handbrake. chick witharak. i olso like cheeky man ( not buttock cheeky but joke cheeky ok) went with 10 rupee yellow whistle to a police nangi and said "can you blow my whistle baby?" and got one nice kaney shot ( as this funny man called jehan say ( not mubarak he is only funny when he is batting) "one thundering slap" ) olso there is some pat yellow man ( no not the simpsons man some other man) who is telling oppum gannam istyle and jumping up and down like some dam hooligan. GA is very learnful but he is no idea what is this meaning. from his size i can only thinking it must mean "pass me the fried rice" that got me thinking. why our buggers are not making random songs and making money and bringing more glory to glorious nashun of rajapakistan? (other than we are already being so glory ful that we do not have the ispace for this extra glory) why not some nice man like kandamby come in song saying "deepung ulundu vadei" ( dear sir kindly pass me one numbers of that fine fried lentil balls) or something equally silly? i think that is what will get GA enouhg money to buy nano cab. now tell me who has seen princess op englands mambalams? not because king has put chakablast on that also.... Dishum Dishum