Saturday, 13 November 2010

IS no time like plood time

One fine day Vengaskar came, Another fine day gavaskar came, recently tendulkar came, but none of the bus*teds knew how to play the game. Today some clown called Sammy has come. The glorious cricketing nation of rajapakistan who hau recently beaten the kankaroo in its own jungular habitat so hard that they porgot how to jump, are coming back home to play some half witted lilliputs who smoke mari juana don’t wosh their hairs or backsides and call themselves west indians.( see even when a team other than india are coming to play cricket we call them Indians) For ol gossip aiya knows our buggers will go, captain with his new Jamaican accent and ol and will get hammered by these pool due to medical condishun known as overconfidenshi-itis. But that is ol depends on if they can get the gol cricket ground prom under the sea in time por the match to istart. In the very mean time oll the culumbo buggers getting very excited that black mans are here. Now gossip aiya is op very pair cumplextion but that dam fool isuru malli upcourse looks like he has pollen inside the bread bakery oven. So dark that even black man may in his funny language say “daaaaang homies youse is is blacks” anywhose some nice ladies come and wonting to putting pictures with this dam platypus-bottomside look alike man thinking he is prom said cirikate teams and even putting hiki hiki laughing while he was touching their backsides. Gossip aiya would like to say isuru malli is not available por comment putting as he has gone into public toilet house and not come back out. One can only assume he is “white woshing’ the walls.

In other news king is going to be re crowned for his second kingship. Fortunately recenent rain istopped or his holiness pirst tewrms would be king of rajapakistan second term king of rajapakispool. Like vennice but ismelly. But portunately rain istop and I hau been able to come down prom my roop. Not so portunately my buttocks now have like wavy wavy waves prom sitting on wavy wavy tin roop por too long. I wonder ip tomorrow morning the motions also will be waving.
Today short article cos not hau electricities. Gossip aiya very rarely putting serious but I must say please. Euen ip the woter has gone down and you don’t see the amudeys op poor buggers like me ploating many people have lost eurithing they owned. ip you can help please do otherwise in the coming days you will see me draiuing tree wheel in my birthday suit cos only saron has been woshed ( or I have given to wipe to cover her uglies)

Dishum Dishum

Gossip Aiyah!