Sunday, 25 November 2012

Too sick to think op title but please read

Gossip Aiya is sick. Dam sick in fact. What began as ismall sniffling sniffling now become some dam jungle fevers only. Cannot move, cannot stay the still also. Nose is red like that Rudolf bugger, sarong is green from blowing said nose. Chikey.

Now in these sad situashuns, one usually can rely on ones chosen partner in lipe to be looking apter and say things like "aney sin only" and boiling kothamali and giuing. Nondi Dawids wipe ewen doing dirty dirty things to him to make him feeling better when he sick. As a result that sneaky bugger pretending ol the time to be sick when he is healthier than even that boy eating eating samaposha on TV ad. Anyway that is another istory.

Now when I am sick, my dam baboon of a wipe not doing any of these things. (That said ip she tried to do dirty things to me poor Gossip Aiya might get nightmares on top of other simptoms.) She talling me "You useless bugger don't act like ismol baby, stop whining and get up and go on hire" and other hurtpul things like that. Then she coming with toilet brush and chasing me outside. This time though, I am peeling so below the weather that even constant scoldings and yellings prom wipe not moving me prom bed. So pinally she talling me to go to her sisters brotherinlos daughter who is doctor in Kottawa. So I went to see this person. At once as I went into oppice, she putting one look up and down and then without asking queshuns ewen she writes paper and gius and send me to pharmacy. 5 dipperent medicines only! One to take bepore the isleep, one to take apter the meals, other one bepore the meals, one with the meals, other one instead op the meals, and so on. Poor GA wery conpused.

Anyway I am going home and istraight away before I can take jungi off ewen, wipe coming with water and giuing and talling "here now take take medicine soon soon". Now this make Gossip Aiya the wery suspishus. I am beginning to thinking maybe this so coll sisters brotherinlo's daughter is in pact not sisters brotherinlo's daughter. And maybe this "medicine" is not to send me just back abowe the weather but another 6 feet under the weather only. So I try to say later later but she gawe me thundering look and got so iscared I took medicine. But Gossip Aiya can olso be sneaky. so ewen tho I take medicine I not really taking medicine but keeping under tongue. And when wipe was sweeping gardens I took it out, crush it and put in wipes cup of tea. Tee hee hee! Now wipe catching me looking looking at her closely and now she giuing me suspishus looks and asking "what are you looking at" so I talling "I just looking at you and thinking how lucky I am to hau truly beautipuls wipe like araliya plower in the full blooming" but I think she not buying it.

Wish me luck!

Dishum dishum

Gossip Aiya

P.S. Today no funy picture. Gossip Aiya put googly image search por "jungle fever" to see what pictures coming, but ol sorts op dirty dirty things only coming! So as this is family blog, cannot put such things. But the more seedy op my pans should go and put said googly search and see.