Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Sun shining, wipe whining

Now por those following my postings on the book op pace, you will know that poor Gossip Aiya hau been marooned on roop por last few weeks with dam curse op a wipe as whole house hau got the plooded por the rains. raining cats and dogs and all sorts of wild animals only.

Anyway, suddenly one day rain istop! Now por two days I waited still on roop to see ip this was what they coll optical illushun. Then i realise not illushuning me at ol but acutally rain istop. So came down and istarted cleaning house. Ol pots and pans gone in ploods, but most upsetting thing por Gossip Aiya is whole licker collecshun gone as almeira has pollen. 3 botals op Mendis gone. 2 bothals Lion extra istrong gone. Ol that is ok but bothal op Green Label Nondi Dawid gawe me prom Dutipree gone!! Aiyoooooo. Like old saying goes, "water water euriwheres but not a drop to drink."

Anyway bloody hard work cleaning house. But whenewer I am taking break to bend over and wipe sweat with sarong, dam wipe coming and iscolding "Here wat is this! such a big oaf you are but when it comes to doing housework you are as useless as a mongoose in a bakery." then she kicking my backside and shouting por me to get back to work. Apter three solid hours op this torment I had enup. So now I am back on roop. Wipe is looking por me but she will not think I am here tee hee hee

In other news, it seems Great and Noble King hau gone to country op Great and Noble Queen to giu ispeech only to come back with tail between legs. (Gossip aiya not pully underistanding this saying, as where else does one expect one's tail to be ip not between legs)

Anyways, apparently ispeech was named apter Kings paworite comedy film, and was coll "how to lose prends and imprison people". Unportunately there was big hoo haa and ispeech was colled opp as there was fears of someone throwing shoe or sock or other warious pieces of apparel at King. Poor King was pollowed by a mob euriwheres shouting mean things. Even peoples protesting outside SriLankan airlines oppice holding obsene signs like "Nashunal Carrier, remove Nashunal Cariya prom this country". Amidst ol this King ended up being trapped in hotel - at least if it was nice place then no harm, but onerable King has tried to save tax dollars by staying in some third class rest house coll "The Dorchester". Sin only.

Anyways now can hear wipe isnoring. It sound like walrus with sore throat. Must take chance to islowly climb down and run to licker istore and replenish supplies op the coconut water. Wish me luck!

Dishum dishum
Gossip Aiya